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10 Easy Beginner Tips to Take Better Photos Today

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If you’re like us, you spent the cold and dreary winter months taking fewer photos than you had hoped. But now that spring is here, there are no more excuses. Get outside and start shooting today!

If you’re looking for a little more motivation to get started with your photography now that the days are longer and the weather is warmer, check out the video below from B&H Photo featuring Maria Perez with “10 tips to improve your photography.”

“It’s National Photography Month and the weather is nice,” Perez says. “So, let’s dust off our cameras and take them out of winter hibernation. But before we head out, let’s do a little refresher on a few ways to improve our photography.”

#1 Get Out and Practice

“To start off, just get out there and shoot,” she notes. “Practice really does make perfect. Take an hour a day and walk around and photograph your surroundings.”

#2 Get to Know Your Settings

“One of the things I wish I understood when I first started shooting photography was the exposure triangle. The best way to learn this is shoot different styles of photography.”

#3 Shoot in Raw

“Shooting in Raw not only gives you the highest quality image but it’ll also get you editing more. You’ll quickly see how shooting in Raw gives you way more control in post-processing compared to a JPEG.”

#4 Experiment with Your Compositions

“Get low, get high, play with the Rule of Thirds, and see how an off-center photo differs from a symmetrical photo. This will help you find your preferred style.”

#5 Slow Down

“Sometimes we just quickly want to get the photo, or we see a flower in passing and just press the shutter button. I want you to slow down, take a beat, and figure out how to purposely fill your frame. “

#6 Use a Tripod

“You’ll immediately notice how much sharper your images will be just by using a tripod. If you don’t have tripod on you, don’t worry. There are other creative ways to stabilize your camera.”

#7 Look for Light

“Light is your best friend even if there’s only a tiny bit available. One of the most basic parts of photography is understanding light.”

#8 Analyze Your Old Photos

“Photographers are constantly evolving, no matter their level. I’m giving you homework after you watch this video and I want you to analyze your old photos and then go and recreate it and make it even better.”

#9 Try Using a Prime Lens

“Sometimes we rely a little too much on fixing a composition by just zooming in. Challenge yourself by using a prime lens to force yourself to have to get further or closer to your subject to find that perfect shot.”

#10 Just Have Fun!

“Honestly my favorite part of photography is just how fun it is. I love that it gets me out there to meet new people, see new places and just see the world in a more artistic way.

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