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3 of the Best Locations for Taking Images of Wildlife in the Urban Jungle

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Coming to you from Andrew Budziak, filmmaker and photographer, as part of Picfair‘s promotion of their Urban Wildlife Photography Awards: three locations for elevating your wildlife images in the big cities.


For Budziak, waterfront locations are the best. These locations attract most wildlife that lives in urban areas at some point in their life cycle. In addition to the sheer number of opportunities, skylines found at waterfronts will also provide great cityscape backdrops. 


Next, Budziak focuses on what he calls corridors. These are links between the islands of green space you can find around cities. These corridors can be alleys, tunnels, or hydro right-of-ways that connect parks and waterfront locations around a city. As Budzaik points out, these are highways for urban wildlife, full of opportunity.


Finally, Budziak discusses what he calls hybrid locations. For Budziak, these are locations that strike a balance between green space and typical urban elements like buildings and infrastructure. Think about wide-open spaces with buildings or other urban elements in the background that are great for contrast. 

Try, Try, and Try Again

Budziak also shares a parting piece of advice for wildlife photographers: try, try, and try again. Budziak suggests that you go back to a location as often as possible, it will help you see different framing and give you a chance to develop a deeper understanding of wildlife behavior, ultimately improving your photographs.

Never Forget the Ethics of Wildlife Photography

Before closing here, if you’ve read any of my other articles on the importance of the ethics of wildlife photography, you’d know that I support Budziak’s reminder to treat the animals with respect. 

Put these skills to use by entering Picfair’s Urban Wildlife Photography Awards. If you don’t know, Picfair powers over half a million photography portfolios around the world. As part of their service, Picfair supplies a free store builder to help photographers sell their images as part of a one-stop shop.

Images used with the permission of Andrew Budziak and Picfair.

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