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31 New Year’s resolutions for creatives: A recap Part 1

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New Year’s resolutions are easy to come up with but sometimes hard to keep.

For the next three days, I will share 31 New Year resolutions that Rich Harrington wrote up two years ago. The links will take you to his articles which contain videos discussing each resolution.

They are still excellent suggestions.

The first 10 resolutions

Eliminate distractions. You need to get rid of the things that are distracting you from what you really need to pay attention to. This takes control.

Focus on your specialties. Identify the skills and opportunities that you have and then focus on those. Well, this comes down to is really what I refer to as targeting.

Capture personal knowledge. There are a lot of great ideas you have, and you need to save them for those days when you’re feeling a little bit stifled, or you just want to build upon that knowledge and not have to keep going back to starting at the beginning.

Build meaningful connections.  It’s the quality of your network, not the number of people in it. This is all about being real and having real connections.

Get an accountant. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting paid fairly or being profitable and an accountant can help on this front. Money is the fuel for creativity. You don’t have to be rich, but you need to be paid fairly.

Learn how your computer works. I talk to so many people who work creatively who don’t understand their hardware. It’s great to have power, but you need to have balanced systems.

Don’t overbuy. Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) is a real thing.

Exercise six days a week if possible. I recommend doing it first thing in the morning. Exercise solves so many problems.

Learn to read contracts. Understand what it is you’re signing as a creative person.

Add color, and I mean to your wardrobe. Stop only wearing black or shades of gray.

More to come

Check back tomorrow for the next 10.

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