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4 Cool Smartphone Photo Tricks You Can Do at Home (VIDEO)

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If you like experimenting with your smartphone camera, you’re going to love this tutorial. In the video below from COOPH, they show you four photo tricks you can do with your smartphone at home.

In particular, COOPH’s team demonstrate cool product photography and still life images you can shoot with your smartphone that will look professional. The video is a follow-up to another popular tutorial we shared recently from COOPH with five fun photo tricks for smartphone cameras.

“No studio? No problem,” COOPH says. “In this video we showcase some innovative hacks you can do at home to create original and professional product shots with your smartphone. From using harsh sunlight to working with blocks of ice, we demonstrate some simple tricks that give spectacular results. We even show you how to turn your oven into a micro-studio.”

#1 Easy Home Set

Use your oven as a micro studio. Place a light source in the upper tray. Adjust the exposure and snap.

#2 Set Design

Set up the scene in a sunny area in your home such as the kitchen. Hash sunlight works as a spotlight. Then try it from a different perspective. Play with the colors and shadows.

#3 Shaping Light

Cut a square frame out of cardboard. Design a pattern over it. Grab a flashlight. Set up the scene. Darken the room and find the right position for the light beams. Try with different patterns.

#4 Ice

Boiling the water twice creates clear ice. Grab your cold product and make a hole in the bottom. Empty the drink so it doesn’t explode. Put it in the freezer overnight. Try a lower angle.

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