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Canon EOS R8 hands-on

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The EOS R8 is Canon’s latest full-frame mirrorless camera, an entry-(ish)-level model that the company says will slot in just above the EOS RP, whose price will be formally reduced to the $1000 it’s already been selling at.

It’s a 24MP camera that borrows many of the significant capabilities, including image quality, autofocus performance, burst rates and video modes from the much more expensive EOS R6 II. If that sounds too good to be true in a $1500 camera, there are some distinct limitations to ensure it doesn’t tread too hard on the R6 II’s toes.

There’s no in-body stabilization, the viewfinder is lower resolution, there’s no AF joystick, the build quality isn’t as substantial, there’s only one card slot and the battery is much, much smaller.

I’m going to look at what the camera offers, what it lacks and where that leaves it, both in terms of Canon’s range and the market as a whole. I’ve shot with all the cameras I’m going to write about, so I’m basing my comments on experience, not spec sheets.

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