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Cheap camera challenge: Can a battered Canon T7i still take good photos?

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We’ve come to an age where it has become the norm to change or upgrade cameras every few years. Admittedly, it’s not possible for us to keep up with this lifestyle. Still, there’s no shame in keeping your old cameras (or buying used) and working as best as you can with them. If you need proof (or inspiration) for this, we think this awesome cheap camera challenge with the Canon 800D (the international version of a T7i) makes for a great one!

“You can’t keep a good camera down,” said UK-based landscape photographer Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography on the Canon 800D he used in the video above. Scuffed, battered and old, he thought the camera was due for retirement after it got submerged during an outdoor shoot. But, when it started working near perfectly again, he decided to use it for a cheap camera challenge. It was a great opportunity for him as well to prove to his viewers that you don’t always need the latest and greatest camera to get great results.

In the end, you’re still the one calling the shots, whatever camera you’re using. Likewise, you have the advantage of knowing the ins and outs of a camera you’ve used for years. With that, you already know how to push it to its limits to get the best shots possible out of it!

What do you think of the results of this cheap camera challenge? Have you done anything like it yourself? Share your insights, experience and results with us in the comments below!

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