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Dehancer Online Ditches Apps and Plugins, Uses Your Web Browser Instead

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Dehancer is known for its plugins for photo and video editing software, but the web browser-based Dehancer Online lets users go plugin-free — no app downloads required.

Dehancer’s plugins primarily apply film-like aesthetics to digital photographs and videos. The software suite has plugins for popular apps like DaVinci Resolve, Capture One, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, and Lightroom, among others. However, Dehancer Online is browser-based, allowing users to take advantage of Dehancer’s tools without needing to install software.

A French Bulldog gazes thoughtfully against a dark background, displayed on a computer screen with image editing software overlay showing controls for hue and saturation.

A grid screen displaying multiple photos of a French Bulldog with varying degrees of brightness and contrast, exploring light manipulation in photography.

According to the company, “Dehancer Online is designed to mirror the capabilities of our traditional plugins.” Dehancer notes that Dehancer Online presents an ideal use case for those using multiple devices or who need quick access to Dehancer’s tools.

Dehancer Online subscription plans begin at $5 per month or $50 per year. At the moment, a year’s subscription further includes a free t-shirt. It is available to the first 100 subscribers only. It offers more than 50 film emulations and more than 10 “exotic and black and white looks.”

A young woman sits indoors, looking thoughtfully upwards, with her face illuminated by soft, golden light. she is surrounded by a blurred dark background, featuring a hint of green foliage.

The web version works on both desktop and mobile, and users can access Dehancer Online on up to two devices at once.

Uploading an image allows a user to scroll through film presets inspired by various real-life analog options. Further details can be altered from there, including the color, light, and effects. Here, too, users can see the film inspiration. Under effects, grain, bloom, and halation can be adjusted via sliders. These can even be turned off with a single button. The color and brightness/contrast options are tweaked by selecting from a grid of examples, which helps the user picture precisely what they’ll get from the outset.

A joyful woman with curly hair twirling, captured in mid-motion against a cityscape backdrop, giving an exuberant and carefree impression.

A grid of identical images showing a young woman with curly hair smiling and holding a camera, set against a backdrop of a clear blue sky.

Naturally, exposure and contrast can be further fine-tuned under the “Adjust” menu option. Nestled there, too, are temperature, tint, and color boost.

Even without a subscription, it’s possible to use Dehancer Online to edit images and get a feel for the tool. Of course, there’s a “Graded with Dehancer” watermark to prevent anyone from simply taking a screenshot. Users will also need a subscription to actually export their work.

Image displaying a grid of 24 thumbnail photos showing different angles and stages of a humpback whale breaching the water surface in a deep blue ocean.

Dehancer Online is now available for subscription and includes an eight-day free trial.

Image credits: Dehancer

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