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DJI’s $309 RC remote is now compatible with its Mavic 3 drones

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DJI’s Mavic 3 and Cine models can be powered with the costly RC Pro or more affordable DJI RC remote controllers.

If you bought the standard Mavic 3 drone, which was released this past November and starts at a little over $2,000, you may not want to use your smartphone to connect to DJI’s Fly app to operate it. And if you don’t want to shell out $1,199 for the RC Pro remote that comes with the pricier Cine model (which retails for a hefty $4,999), then you’ll be happy to hear DJI has now made its cheaper ($309) RC remote compatible with both the Mavic 3 and Mavic 3 Cine.

Until now, the now-discontinued RC-N1 remote was the go-to affordable option for powering the basic Mavic 3. The DJI RC remote, introduced with the Mini 3 Pro drone in May, looked to be a perfect replacement for the RC-N1, but even after DJI made it available to purchase separately, it wasn’t capable of working with DJI’s line of Mavic 3 drones, until now.

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Starting at $309, the DJI RC is now compatible with both the basic and Cine models, although the Cine models come with the more advanced RC Pro remote, so unless you bought a Cine drone outside of a kit, there’s little benefit to this new support. For Mavic 3 owners, however, it’s a welcomed addition, considering the RC Pro costs over three times as much as the DJI RC remote.

At 390g, the DJI RC is lightweight and easy to handle. It boasts a 5.5-inch, 700-nit display capable of streaming a 1080p/60fps live feed at an up to 15km (9.3 mile) range – thanks to DJI’s O3+ transmission system. While it got a glowing review in our Mini 3 Pro coverage, one limitation it has versus the RC Pro is that you cannot download any other third party apps to power your drone.

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The DJI RC and DJI RC Pro work with both the basic and Cine Mavic 3 models. One is significantly more costly than the other.

DJI is not one to cannibalize their product line so if you want certain benefits, you’ll still need to purchase the Mavic 3 Cine combo or the more expensive DJI RC Pro remote, separately, which also works with the basic Mavic 3. For those not wanting to use their smartphones to fly their Mavic 3, however, this latest development is the best of news.

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