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Dreaming of Mirrorless But Your Bankroll is a Freaking Nightmare?

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If you’ve been aching to switch from your bulky DSLR or underpowered compact to a mirrorless camera system but lack the dough to make it go, we have a solution for you. Get a trade in quote from MPB. MPB’s online appraisals are free and fast, and their assortment of used equipment is simply amazing.

Having the right camera equipment is key to enjoying photography. That doesn’t mean you always need to use the latest and greatest; it means that you need the gear that’s most suitable for the kind of photography you enjoy most. Attempting to shoot action sports or wildlife with the standard kit zoom that came with your camera, for example, is bound to leave you frustrated and dissatisfied. It’s a bit like an accomplished chef trying to prepare a banquet while armed with only a skillet.

There’s another situation that’s nearly as bad: unused gear taking up space in your equipment closet. Many photo enthusiasts own gear that they seldom use. If you have a  fisheye or macro lens, for instance, that you use just a few times a year, you maybe better off if you trade it in for something you will use. Like they say, the only thing worse than not using the photo gear you have is not having the photo gear you want to use.

Make your dream of owning a new camera system a reality. When it’s time to trade or sell, many photo and video storytellers turn to MPB. MPB is the online platform to buy, sell or trade used photo and video gear. With a client base of more than 300,000 customers worldwide, a 5-star rating on Trustpilot and turnover of more than 300,000 pieces of used camera gear per year, MPB makes selling or trading your gear safe, simple and fast.

Out with the Old, in with the New
When you decide to change systems or shake up the equipment bag, you have several decisions to make. If your knee-jerk reaction to moving out your seldom-used camera gear is posting it at an online auction site, think again. Online auctions tilt the table in favor of the buyer, not the seller. And the final sale price is an unknown. Plus you need to ship your camera stuff to a stranger who could be an honest person like you or could be a thieving monster incarnate.

Sell or trade with MPB and those risks totally disappear. MPB provides online appraisals so you know both sides of the equation from the beginning. MPB is a highly reputable business enterprise with thousands of customers worldwide. Incidentally, the average value received by MPB customers when selling gear is $900. Last but not least, MPB pays for the shipment of your trade in or sale item and after inspection immediately deposits your payment directly to your bank account. No hassle and no red tape.

Browse MPB’s extensive inventory of used gear. The assortment changes daily, so check in often. Right now you can choose from more than one hundred Sony Alpha cameras, for example, including full-frame mirrorless Sony Alpha 7 models, APS-C DSLRs and the Alpha compact series.

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Or if you’ve always wanted to experience the rapture of the legendary colors produced by Fujifilm cameras, make a selection from an array of XT-4, X-H1 and X-100 series plus many other models.

You’ll find Canon and Nikon mirrorless cameras at MPB, too. For example, you can step up to a Nikon Z fc body for as little as $694 (products available at the time this is written, but don’t wait — the inventory changes constantly).

Thoroughly Inspected and Warrantied for 6 Months
You can rest assured when you buy a used product from MPB. Every item traded in is inspected carefully by trained technicians. Every used camera body or lens includes a 6-month warranty. When you browse through MPB’s extensive inventory, the item pictured in the listing is the exact item you receive, because every item is individually photographed, and the accurate condition is noted.

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Dealing with MPB is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Instant Quote
Visit MPB’s website for an online appraisal. It’s free and fast. Simply enter the model name and condition of the product you’re selling and indicate whether there’s another item you’d like to buy in exchange. Even if you’re not trading or selling, MPB is a great place to make your next purchase.

2. Free Shipping
Here’s another way you save. MPB pays for shipping when you send your gear in to verify the condition and consummate the deal. You can change your mind right until the last second, too.

3. Receive Payment
No waiting and no excuses. You get your money fast when you sell to MPB. As soon as MPB receives your gear, they check the items, confirm the quote and send the money to your bank account. Payment is quick and secure.

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Open a free MPB account to unlock faster checkout, manage your transactions online and get more relevant content. The MPB website is a wealth of product information, pertinent interviews, podcasts, competitions, gear guides, how-to tips, videos and other items of interest to photo and video storytellers.

Trade in Tips: How to Maximize Value
1. Confirm that item is in good working order. Check out the main functions like shutter actuation, diaphragm operation, self-timer, and so on. For DSLR and mirrorless cameras, remove the lens and examine the sensor for scratches or spots. Lenses—look carefully into both ends to detect haze, mold fibers or scratches. This advice applies when buying used gear, too, BTW.

Spend a diligent moment carefully cleaning the exterior of the camera or lens. Use a soft microfiber cloth and remove dust and fingerprints from the LCD and all glass surfaces. Use a new, short-bristle paint brush to whisk dirt and grime from crevices and in-between areas. Do NOT clean the sensor or anything inside the camera—that’s a job for experts.

2. Locate and check all original accessories and original box, if possible, especially when selling items like exposure meters and flash units that use special accessories that may no longer be available. Absolutely, positively, definitely find the battery charger if there is one. When selling a camera body, attach the body cap to protect the sensor during shipping.

3. Be objective in your examination and appraisal. If the camera or lens has sentimental value, either set the emotions aside or don’t sell it. Be like the realtor who said, “My house is my home until I decide to sell it—then it becomes a wooden box.”

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MPB uses five condition ratings. They check over your gear to confirm its actual condition, so don’t worry if you’re not sure which one to choose. For help deciding, check out this video.

• Like new – Mint condition, only minor wear • Excellent – minimal signs of wear, otherwise pristine • Good – fair amount of use, but well-kept; may have marks or scratches • Well used – significant use, noticeable signs of wear and tear • Heavily used – significant signs of wear and tear, primary functions still work.

4. Call out and disclose scratches and dings – which will be discovered anyway. A dent in the pentaprism doesn’t make a camera worthless or useless, but it does reduce the resale value. Put yourself in the other guy’s place—pretend that you are the buyer who wants to make sure everything is good.

5. After completing all of the above, wrap the equipment in bubble wrap (enough layers to ensure good protection) and place it in a sturdy box filled with foam chips. MPB will pay for insured shipment of the package.

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Find Out What Your Trade in is Worth
Move your photography in a new direction today by visiting MPB and requesting a free, no risk online appraisal. Sell or trade in the system you’re tired of and start shooting with the gear you really want.

—Shutterbug Staff

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