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Drift Ghost XL Pro

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As summer fast approaches the action cameras are starting to arrive and it’s good to see the latest release from Drift. Drift are one of the few companies alongside GoPro who have been in the game since the beginning and the design of their cameras has made them a firm favourite with motorcyclists and the automotive industry.

the streamlined design and flexibility in the way that the cameras are mounted have made them far more versatile than their better-known rivals. While the design of the Drift cameras hasn’t altered a great deal over the years, the features and specifications have taken huge leaps forward. 

The Drift Ghost XL Pro is the latest camera from the Drift stable and features a 4KUHD resolution with a maximum framerate of 30fps. Incredibly, according to Drift, this small camera offers 7 hours of battery life, we’ll test that out once a review unit arrives with us later in the month. 

As ever being an action camera the unit is rated as IPX7 waterproof meaning that it will stand up to being submerged in water without issue. 

Other features include Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS), Dashcam Loop mode, Flashback video tagging, 4K Timelapse, high-quality low light performance, a rear LCD and built-in Wifi. 

Alongside the camera, Drift includes a few mounts and accessories in the box to help get you started. There’s also the fully-featured Drift App that’s available for iOS and Android phones and enables full control and review of the footage that you shoot.

While the specs are looking a little dated on the 4K framerate front the Drift cameras have impressed in the past. The real stand-out feature of their past cameras has been the flexibility over mounting.

The Drift Ghost XL Pro is available now for £249, for more information on the Drift Ghost XL Pro check out the Drift website.

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