We’ve been shooting Google’s two newest smartphones on two continents: from the parks of Madrid to the mountains of Washington state and the streets of Seattle.

The Pixel 8 Pro gains more on the photography side, with a 50MP main camera and 48MP sensors in its ultrawide and tele cameras, it also adds manual control and the ability to capture high-res DNGs. The Pixel 8‘s upgrades are more modest, but its main camera has a faster aperture than its predecessor.

We’ve tried to explore all the different cameras on both phones and have included high-resolution DNGs from the Pixel 8 Pro, which is able to ‘re-mosaic’ the images from its main cameras to deliver 48 and 50MP DNG files.

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Explore the galleries, see what you think of the phones’ tone-mapping and note the degree to which the Pixel 8’s ultrawide camera just can’t keep up with the larger sensor in the Pro 8, despite clever combination of multiple images.

Google Pixel 8 sample gallery

Google Pixel 8 Pro sample gallery

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