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Holiday markets are great for gifts and photos

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Holiday markets are up and running across the country. They are perfect for finding last-minute gifts, eating and making delightful photos. Two of my favorites are in New York City.

Union Square

Union Square is easy to get to. Head up University to 14th Street, and you’ve arrived at this subway crossroads. During December, it’s home to an amazing holiday market. On the weekends, a farmer’s market that’s there year-round adds to the shopping opportunities.

Shoppers at the Union Square holiday market in New York City are choosing wreaths.

Gifts, food, liquid s’mores

The market is crowded with gift seekers. Others browse the food offerings. It’s cold with a brisk wind. What could be better than a steaming cup of hot chocolate from Liquid S’mores?

Shoppers move through Union Square.
Shoppers move through Union Square looking for unique gifts.

The most relatable piece in the photo below is at the top left. It’s titled “Stick of Butter Breaks Another Cellphone.”

Joey @realwierdart greets shoppers at his booth of real weird art.
Joey @realwierdart greets shoppers at his booth of real weird art.
A hot cocoa from Liquid S'mores takes the chill off of the Union Square holiday market.
A hot cocoa from Liquid S’mores takes the chill off of the Union Square holiday market.

Bryant Park

Go north from Union Square by subway or on foot to the New York Public Library at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street. Behind the library is Bryant Park.

Fun fact: The first demonstration of a safe elevator was made during the Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1853 at what is now Bryant Park. Elisha Otis rode to the top of the building and then cut the rope supporting the elevator. His safety brake gently halted the platform’s fall. This led to the widespread acceptance of elevators.

It’s a great place to relax when in the heart of the city anytime. It shines and sparkles during the holidays.

The park offers seating and tables for shoppers to relax and talk about their findes.
Relaxing at the Bryant Park holiday market
Bryant Park's holiday market has lights galore. Even surrounding buildings light up in festive color,
Bryant Park’s holiday market is dressed in festivity. Even surrounding buildings light up in seasonal colors.

Bryant Park boasts an old-time carousel that delights visitors no matter how cold the weather.

The carousel in Bryant Park delights all ages.
Bryant Park’s carousel.

The Bank of America-sponsored Winter Village makes great use of the park’s ice rink. Skaters have a great time. Everyone loves watching the Zamboni.

Holiday markets offer a great time for photos, too. They are an exciting place for street shooters and people watchers.

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