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How Do You Know if Your Photos Are Good?

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You can work tirelessly on developing strong technique and nurturing your creative voice, but if you do not know when you have taken a good photo, it can all be for naught. Evaluating your own work can be trickier than you might think, but it is a crucial skill to develop, whether you are an amateur or a professional. This helpful video tutorial offers a range of actionable advice on how to do just that. 

Coming to you from Walks On The Wild Side, this excellent video discusses how to go about evaluating your own images. This can be a tricky or even uncomfortable experience, but it is quite necessary to improve as a photographer and to present your best self to potential clients. Just like working on lighting or composition, it is something that benefits from practice, which means taking off your photographer hat and putting on your viewer hat, sitting down with a photo, and asking yourself a range of detailed questions, including what you like and why, what you don’t like and why, if you accomplished what you set out to do, if there are any technical deficiencies, if the post-processing is tasteful and balanced, and more. Doing this on a regular basis will go a long way to making you a better photographer. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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