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How to Make a Boring Sky More Dramatic in Photoshop (VIDEO)

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Let’s say you’ve shot a cool outdoor image where just about everything in the photo looks good. Sharp and interesting subject? Check. Leading lines in the foreground? Check. Decent lighting? Check. Interesting looking sky?

Nope! As a matter of fact, the sky looks washed out and pretty boring.

So, what do you do? You could, of course, just go with the image as is and hope that no one cares about the dull sky. Or you could choose to work on the image in Photoshop to try to bring out some detail in the sky.

That can be laborious though, and not always successful. There is a way, however, to get a dramatic sky with a few quick tricks in Photoshop. In the below video, PSDESIRE shows you how.

“Today I’ll show you how to create a stunningly dramatic sky in Photoshop,” PSDESIRE says.

“So, the first thing that we have to do, is to select sky from the select menu. After sky selection, create a Solid Color Adjustment Layer. Doesn’t matter which color it is, and then turn it off. Simply press the OK button.

“Double Click on the Symbol and sample the sky color. All we need to do is just make it darker and desaturate it a bit. Hit Ok. And then, turn it back on. Then, double-click on the right-hand side of the layer

“Take the slider of the Underlying Layer from right to left. But, as you can see, it is very harsh. Hold the Alt or Option key. Click on the slider and take it all the way to the right. And take it to the left slowly and gradually.”

Check out the video below where they show you all these awesome moves in Photoshop and never settle for a boring sky again!

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