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How to Pose Plus Size Women for Boudoir Photos

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How do you pose plus size clients for boudoir photos? That’s the question that professional boudoir photographer Marco Ibanez addresses in the short video below called “How I Pose Plus Size Boudoir.”

The question came to him from one of his followers during a Q&A discussion and his answer is enlightening for anyone who has struggled with posing plus size boudoir.

“A lot of people ask me, how do you pose plus size girls, women and, to be honest, I pose them exactly the same as I do other people,” Ibanez says bluntly. “For me there’s really no difference. I use the same poses for everybody regardless of how they look.”

Ultimately, however, Ibanez considers the question subjective because everyone has a different definition of “plus size,” and how you choose to pose your clients is ultimately up to you. What’s more important, he says, is confidence and flexibility.

“For me, it’s not about being plus size if it’s different or not,” he explains. “For me, it’s about confidence. If you’re confident in your body, it doesn’t matter how big or how small you are. The constraint for me is flexibility. Some people can’t squat as much as other people, some people can’t point their toes because they have flat fleet. Some people can’t arch their back.”

Check it out below and if you’re looking for more tips on posing boudoir, watch this tutorial with seven flattering boudoir poses for every body type.

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