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How to Shoot Portraits in a Small Studio (VIDEO)

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If you’ve ever wanted to shoot eye-catching portraits in a studio but don’t have a ton of space, here’s a great video showing you how to create a professional-level shoot in a small area. In the tutorial, pro photographer Andrea Carretta shows you how to create the portrait look you want in a space not much bigger than a bedroom.

There’s no narration in the video. It simply shows Carretta demonstrating how to set up flattering studio lighting including a Godox AD400 Pro, AD300 Pro and AD 100 Pro lighting during a shoot with his model, Andra.

He first lights for the backdrop using the Godox AD100 Pro and then adds a key light above Andra, the Godox AD400 Pro. Next up is the addition of a beauty dish, 55cm plus a grid.

After that, Carretta places a rim light behind her shoulder, the AD 100 Pro. Fill light comes from the AD300 Pro in the lower right behind her, with a softbox 60cm plus a grid. For an extra effect, he adds a Gobos kit metal modeling sheet and an optical snoot, Ambitful AL-16.

Carretta’s camera of choice is the Sony A7C with the Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG DN Art II lens in Sony E-mount. For a light stand, he uses Manfrotto’s Nanopole.

It’s impressive he’s able to fit all this gear in such a small space to capture striking portraits of Andra. To see a more stripped-down studio set-up, watch this video showing how to shoot boudoir photography with just one light.

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