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How to take better black and white street photos

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When it comes to shooting street photos, black and white remains a strikingly effective way to achieve dramatic and eye-catching results. However, there’s more to it than simply converting your photos or camera mode into black and white. The key is to simplify your photography and switch off seeing your surroundings in color.

In the video above, UK-based James Parsons shares his quick tips on creating impactful street photos in black and white. Using a Fujifilm X100V, he demonstrates how we can use contrast, shapes and lines to the advantage of our compositions. In addition, he touched on thinking about the story you want to tell, and how to draw attention by capturing eye-catching patterns.

Finally, he also included other insights that you may also find useful. These include the need to warm up when shooting your hometown, especially when you come back from shooting a new city or location. Another is how unnecessary it is to ask about other photographers’ camera settings, as there are a lot of variables in their photos that may not apply to the scenes you’ll end up shooting.

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