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Ilford film, paper and chemicals will increase in price later this month

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Harman Technology, the company responsible for manufacturing Ilford photographic film, paper and chemicals has announced it will be raising its prices later this month in response to supply chain constraints.

As reported by Kosmo Foto, Ilford and Kentmere-branded film, photographic paper and processing chemicals will increase in price starting March 14. However, not all products will see their prices increase.

According to the document sent to dealers earlier this week, Ilford Delta 3200 will see a 3% increase, while HP5 Plus will increase 7%. Prices for some of Ilford’s more specialized films, such as SFX 200 and Ortho Plus, will remain unchanged. Pricing for Ilford-branded photo paper and chemicals will increase by 6.5% and 8%, respectively.

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An image of Ilford’s line of ‘Simplicity’ chemicals, which come pre-mixed in easy-to-use packets.

In a comment to Kosmo Foto, a Harman Technology spokesperson said the price increases are the result of supply chain constraints and production issues caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic:

’The decision to implement price increases is never one we take lightly but is a necessity directly resulting from rapidly increasing inflation levels, global supply chain challenges, increased transport costs and other cost increases across all aspects of the business.’

As noted above, the price increases shouldn’t go into effect until at least March 14, so if you’re planning on stocking up on any of the affected products, you might want to pick some up from your local retailer.

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