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Intel announces Arc Pro GPUs for pro apps on workstation computers

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Intel announced its Arc branding last year with high-performance, gaming-centric graphics products. Now, Intel has announced three Arc Pro GPUs aimed squarely at workstation computers: two for desktop machines and the third for laptops. These new Arc GPUs are designed for intensive workflows using apps like Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve Studio.

The Intel Arc Pro A40 and A50 are for desktops, with the former employing a compact single-slot form factor and the latter built around a larger dual-slot form factor. The Arc Pro A30M is made for laptops. All three include built-in ray tracing and machine learning but are otherwise separated by graphical performance and memory. Each desktop-oriented Arc Pro GPU also supports two 8K displays at 60Hz, one 5K 240Hz display, a pair of 5K 120Hz displays or four 4K 60Hz displays via four mini-display ports.

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Intel Arc Pro A40

Taking the trio of Arc A-series GPUs in order of power, the A30M GPU delivers 3.5 teraflops of graphical performance, eight ray-tracing cores and 4GB of GDDR6 memory. Given that it’s a mobile GPU, it’s designed to be efficient. It uses between 35 and 50 watts of peak power. Display outputs vary based on laptop configurations.

Intel’s new Arc Pro A40 delivers the same 3.5 teraflops of power and eight ray-tracing cores, but its GDDR6 memory is a higher 6GB. The A40 is aimed at smaller workstation computers. The A40 GPU uses 50w at peak power.

Rounding out the three new GPUs is the Arc Pro A50. Its larger dual-slot form factor allows for 4.8 teraflops of power. Like the A40, it also has 6GB of GDDR6 memory. The dual-slot GPU is designed for traditional, larger workstation computers. The more powerful A50 uses up to 75w at peak power.

Parinita Studio
Intel Arc Pro A50

Intel has optimized its new Arc Pro GPUs for professional and content creator applications, although you could use them for gaming, like Intel’s prior Arc products. To serve pro users, the Arc Pro GPUs support AV1 hardware encoding acceleration, an industry first. AV1 is Google’s open-source alternative to HEVC. AV1 has thus far seen relatively low adoption, at least compared to HEVC, due in part to slow encoding. Dedicated hardware, plus promised support from Netflix and YouTube, could give AV1 a boost. The AV1 hardware acceleration supports performance up to 50x faster than software encoding.

The Arc Pro A-series GPU supports modern PCIe 4.0 x8 systems. They also support Dolby Vision with dedicated hardware decoding. The GPU range supports compatible AI tools with built-in dedicated AI acceleration. Supported AI-equipped software includes Video Enhance AI, Gigapixel AI and Premiere Pro.

The Intel Arc Pro GPU will be available from mobile and desktop partners later this year. For more information, visit Intel.

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