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Intertake 2 Video processor announced

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Behind the scenes of all professional photo and video, shoots are a team working on equipment and software that few of us ever understand fully. However, as our passion for the subject grows, we need to expand our knowledge and skills into new areas, and we end up delving into the world and workings of those behind the scene technologies. 

Intertake 2 Video processor is a piece of software that will get many videographers and professionals sying with relief, as it’s a one-stop shop for video processing with a fast, easy workflow that smooths out many of the issues that have arisen with more mainstream applications. 

In its simplest form, Intertake 2 ingests video in one format and pushes it out in another, ready for editing or distribution. As the software is designed for professional workflows, it pulls on industry standards and not only enables quick file and format conversion but will also apply colour corrections, conversions from HDR and SDR, cameras gamma, colour space, denoise, apply video effects, convert frame rates, trim, spit, join and much more. 

The software is also fully compatible with NTSC and PAL in SD, HD, 4K 8k, SDR and HDR, as well as the gamma and colour space formats of prosumer and pro cameras. 

Features at a glance

Imports a wide variety of pro and consumer formats and image sequences, captures from HDV firewire cameras

 • Pro and consumer codecs like DNxHD/DNxHR, AVC-Intra, XAVC, ProRes, XDCAM, Cineform, AVC or HEVC

 • Containers like mov, mp4, MXF OP-1a and OP-Atom, avi, mkv, mts, wmv, webm or mpg

Encoding and rewrapping to pro and consumer formats 

 • More than 30 pro formats in 8,10,12 bit like DNxHD/DNxHR, ProRes, XDCAM or Cineform and consumer formats like AVC and HEVC

 • Pro containers MXF OP1-a and OP-Atom are fully compatible with the best NLEs.

 • HDR10 with MaxCLL/MaxFALL calculation and HEVC GPU encoding

 • Video rewrapping to mov,mp4 and MFX OP-1a

Standards conversions, aspect ratio conversions, resample

 • Conversions with optical flow between all standards and formats in NTSC and PAL

 • Motion adaptive deinterlacing. Converts progressive to interlaced, TFF/BFF conversions

 • Supports standard, cinema and vertical aspect ratios like 16:9,2.35:1,4:3 DV or 9:16

Advanced colour correction with LUT manager and real-time preview

 • 22 advanced colour correction effects

 • Apply, preview and create 3DLUTs easily with the LUT Manager

 • Real-time preview in SDR, simulated HDR, and real HDR in Windows HDR display mode

Gamma and colour space conversions with advanced tone mapping from more than 100 standard and camera formats with real-time preview

 • Support all standard gamma and colour space formats like Rec.709, Rec.2020, Rec.601, ST2084/PQ or HLG.

 • Support for cameras’ gamma and colour space formats like Panasonic V-log, Sony S-log, Canon log, DJI D-log, GoPro Protune, Fujifilm F-log, Arri LogC and much more

Convert SDR videos to perfect HDR

 • Convert SDR videos from any format, HD,4K, interlaced or progressive, to perfect HDR

Convert HDR videos to pristine SDR 

 • Convert HDR videos to any SDR video format, SD,HD,4K, interlaced or progressive

Convert from camera gamma and colour space formats to perfect SDR and HDR

 • Convert directly from your camera to any SDR and HDR video format

Pro features are easy to configure with smart batch processing

 • Audio conversions and filters

 • Imports timecode from pro formats

 • Burn-in filter for timecode or image logo

Fast high, quality processing

 • High-quality processing in 32 bit

 • Nvidia and Quicksync GPU encoding and decoding

 • Multi-core CPU with SSE3, AVX and AVX-512 support

 • CUDA and OpenCL GPU processing

Pricing and Availability 

 FootageStudio 2 for Windows is available now for a special launch price of USD 119.00:

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