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Is LED light enough for macro photography?

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When it comes to lighting equipment for macro photography, most photographers prefer using flashes. However, if you’re new to the craft and only have some LED lights available, you must be wondering if you can also use those. Well, we found just the video that can help with that!

For his experiment, Swedish macro photographer Micael Widell wanted to address two things. First, he wanted to show if LED light is enough for shooting macro, or is flash absolutely necessary to properly illuminate the subject. Then, he also wanted to share the results of macro photography with a high-quality LED light, like the Aputure Amaran AL-F7.

So, he took his camera and LED light combo out for an outdoor macro shoot. He also brought along an articulating arm to help him move the light closer to the front of the lens. Aside from macro stills, he also took some footage for good measure. That part should be handy for those who are also thinking of doing macro videos on the side.

So, do you agree with Widell’s findings from this outdoor macro photography experiment? Do you like his results, or would you rather stick to using flashes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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