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Isotta Shipping Housing for the OM System OM-1

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Isotta is now shipping its new housing for the OM System OM-1 mirrorless camera. The flagship Micro Four Thirds camera boasts a 20.4MP Stacked CMOS sensor powered by a TruePic X Dual Quad Core Processor and can capture 4K UHD/DCI video up to 60fps (with no crop) as well as shoot up to 10fps with its mechanical shutter and 50fps with AF/AE using the electronic shutter.

Made from anodized aluminum and finished in Isotta’s signature red, the housing features double O-ring seals on all buttons and removable parts, the company’s unique single-handed open/close, a large rear window with an optical viewfinder, and a built-in moisture sensor with LED indicator. Dual handles are included.

Strobes can be hooked up via fiber-optic cables connected to the ports on the housing, but the flash trigger needs to be bought separately. The housing can optionally be purchased with an N5 or S6 bulkhead. There are three M16 ports and one M24 port for accessories such as a vacuum valve or external monitor/recorder.

The housing is available now with a price tag of $2,290.


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Parinita Studio


Housing for OM System OM-1

Parinita Studio


  • ON/OFF lever of the OM System OM-1;
  • Ergonomic camera focusing and shutter lever, easy to use with gloves;
  • Lens release lever;
  • Front dial;
  • +/– button (Exposure compensation);
  • Mode dial lock button;
  • AF/metering mode button;
  • Sequential shooting/self-timer/ flash button;
  • ZOOM gear;
  • Port safety lever;
  • Movie button (REC);
  • AF-ON button;
  • Rear dial;
  • Mode dial;
  • Menu button;
  • AEL button;
  • Arrow pad;
  • Playback button;
  • OK button;
  • One-touch white balance button;
  • FN lever;
  • External flash ON/OFF lever;
  • INFO button;
  • Erase button;
  • ISO button;
  • Multi selector button;

Parinita Studio


  • Housing;
  • Front lid;
  • Handles;
  • ISOTTA standard viewfinder;
  • Moisture sensor;
  • Fiber optic connections (to use the flash needs an optional trigger);
  • Spare o-ring kit;
  • Silicone grease 15gr / 0.5 oz;
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty (excluding batteries);


Parinita StudioParinita Studio


  • Red color anodized aluminum body;
  • Ergonomic side handles, adjustable (via optional accessory);
  • Two fiber optic connections standard (to use the flash needs an optional trigger);
  • Three M16 holes and one M24 for installation of accessories, e.g. syncro cords, vacuum valves, monitors;
  • Back housing completely detachable from the front housing;
  • Tray with lock for the easy insertion of the camera;
  • Single-hand closing knob for the back of the housing;
  • Aluminum buttons and dials with engraved symbols identical to camera controls;
  • Wide back display viewfinder glass;
  • Double O-Ring seals on all buttons and removable parts;
  • Moisture sensor with LED indicator (replaceable battery);
  • Removable port 120 mm bayonet;
  • Ports security latch to prevent accidental opening;
  • Wide, rubber covered feet for solid footing on boat floors or sea floor;
  • M8 hole located on upper side of the housing for various accessories such as focus lights;
  • Two M6 holes located on housing bottom side for different accessories such as brackets for strobes or tripods;
  • External viewfinders can be mounted, INON X-2 compatible;
  • Size (LxHxP): 285.2×192.7×120.6;
  • Depth rated to 100 metres;


  • 1858 – Maintenance o-ring set for OMSystem OM-1 housing;
  • 1866 – B102 Housing front lid;


  • Trigger;
  • Nikonos 5 bulkhead;
  • S6 bulkhead;
  • Handles extension;
  • Vacuum System;

2,290.00 € (VAT included)

SKU: 4102

Parinita Studio

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