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Laowa Unveils Proteus 2X Anamorphic Lens Series for Super 35 Sensors, Offering Classic Anamorphic Aesthetics

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Laowa, a renowned player in the world of innovative optics, has recently introduced the Proteus 2X Anamorphic Lens Series, designed specifically for Super 35 sensors. With a constant 2X squeeze ratio across the series, the Proteus lineup features four distinct focal lengths, a universal T2 aperture and delivers exceptional image quality paired with classic anamorphic characteristics, such as elliptical bokeh and signature flares in blue, amber, and silver options.

These new lenses cater to modern filmmaking needs while providing a minimum focusing distance of 55cm, enabling cinematographers to capture stunning close-up shots. The Proteus series comes with a default PL mount, but an interchangeable EF bayonet is also included, adding versatility to the package. Both imperial and metric versions are available, and the 4-lens set is delivered in two hard cases.

Over the past two years, Laowa has collaborated closely with cinematographers, taking their feedback seriously and adapting cutting-edge technology to deliver classic anamorphic characteristics while maintaining impressive image quality. The result is a lens series capable of supporting any type of cinematic production, irrespective of resolution or aspect ratio.

The patented anamorphic design of the Proteus 2X series adopts a front anamorphic design for a robust optical composition. This design allows the lenses to deliver the sharpness of modern optics while retaining the vintage look of anamorphic characteristics, such as elliptical bokeh and signature flares.

With a constant 2X squeeze ratio, the Proteus lenses exemplify the classic wide-screen anamorphic look for cinema use. They work seamlessly with 4:3 or 6:5 sensors, which are commonly found in professional cinema cameras, delivering a 2.66:1 or 2.4:1 image after de-squeeze. Filmmakers can use the footage in its entirety or crop to a 2.39:1 aspect ratio with minimal loss of resolution.

The Proteus series offers a large aperture, with the iris ranging from T2 to T22, accommodating various lighting conditions and on-set demands. This enables the creation of a stunning shallow depth of field while preserving the organic waterfall focus roll-off in the background, a distinctive anamorphic characteristic highly sought after in the film industry.

The Proteus lenses boast outstanding sharpness, excellent color rendition, and contrast. The series can reproduce high image quality even when shooting wide open, and chromatic aberration is well-controlled. The lenses also deliver pleasant bokeh, with thinner and longer elliptical shapes compared to 1.5X or 1.8X anamorphic lenses.

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