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Lightroom for BEGINNERS: All You Need to Know (VIDEO)

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Last month Adobe updated all their apps, and shortly thereafter we provided an overview of the most exciting features in Lightroom’s new version 12. In the tutorial below we’ll cover a variety of Lightroom basics for those just getting started with this powerful editing tool.

Lightroom is undoubtedly the most popular software used by photographers to manage and edit their images. If you’re new to the program, or just need a refresher, this video is for you.

Australian pro Paul Farris is an accomplished shooter and instructor who has been teaching workshops and posting shooting and editing tutorials for over 10 years. He specializes in straightforward tips for novices, and this one fits the bill.

This video features Lightroom Classic v10.1.1, and most of what’s discussed here will work fine with the new version 12 as well as others. Farris covers a lot of ground in just 20 minutes, so you may want to have pen and paper handy so you can jot down a few notes for future reference.

You’ll learn all the basic tricks for importing images, creating collections well as several simple editing techniques.

Farris also explains the Lightroom layout that can be modified to suit your needs, and he demonstrates how to add ratings and keywords to keep images organized. The video wraps up with a quick demonstration of the best method to use for exporting files.

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Bottom line: After watching this helpful guide you’ll no longer be considered a beginner, and you can move on to more advanced techniques.

There’s much more to see on Farris’ Photo Genius YouTube channel, so be sure to take a close look and subscribe.

And don’t miss the earlier story we posted with an overview of the latest update to Lightroom.

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