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MagMod XL range launches for studio lights

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MagMod, the company that introduced the concept of magnetic flash modifiers for strobes and flashguns to many photographers, has announced the MagMod XL range for studio lights.

The MagMod Reflector XL is at the heart of the new MagMod range. It’s billed as the world’s first collapsible, durable reflector designed for use with gels. It’s made from silicone with an embedded steel ring, which makes it flexible and durable.

The interior of the MagMod XL reflector has a durable reflective coating to maximise light output. It can also accommodate the company’s new Dome Gels to modify light colour.

While the collapsible design of the Reflector is useful for transportation, it also enables two different light patterns. Fully extended, it reduces light spill and when collapsed, it creates a wider pattern of light.

The MagMod XL Reflector is supplied with the Bowens mount, but this base section can be swapped out for one with another flash mount – including the Profoto mount.

MagMod XL Reflector – left extended, right collapsed

MagMod is next known for its MagSphere, a soft, flexible diffuser that mounts using magnets. The MagMod MagSphere XL is just the same, but it’s scaled up to suit studio lights. Magnets hold it in place on the Reflector XL.

Naturally, grids are also available for the XL range – the MagGrid XL 40 and MagGrid XL 20. These are also made from industrial-grade silicone, which means they are squishy and chip-proof.

The MagMod XL Dome Gels are shatterproof and can withstand the heat generated by powerful flashes. They are designed to cover large flash tubes or glass covers and provide additional protection for flash tubes. They come in six essential correction colours plus 12 additional colours for extra creativity. Because they can be mixed and stacked, there are hundreds of colour variations available.

Conveniently, the Dome Gels also work with the MagMod MagBox system.

MagMod XL Starter Kit
MagMod XL Starter Kit

MagMod XL prices

There’s an extensive array of products available in the MagMod XL range, and while they can be bought separately, there are a couple of kits that make a great starting point. The MagMod XL Pro Kit is £289.99 and includes a Reflector XL, MagSphere XL, Mag Grid XL 40 and 20, three Dome Gels (1/4 CTO, 1/2 CTO and Full CTO), plus the Case XL to store everything.

The MagMod XL Starter Kit retails for £184.99 and includes a Reflector XL, MagSpher XL and MagGrid XL 40.

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