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Make Room for a GimBoom

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The new Manfrotto GimBoom and MOVE Quick-Release Catcher System are making waves in the industry, but are they necessary components for your photography bag? I check out the system and make the call.


  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • One-of-a-kind, innovative
  • Versatile
  • Strong load capacity
  • Good grip


  • Gim-Pod legs are not as stable as GimBoom
  • MOVE can loosen during movement

The GimBoom

First, I took a look at the Manfrotto FAST GimBoom. Upon unboxing, I immediately noticed the solid design and construction, which has become a hallmark of Manfrotto products. The carbon fiber body felt extremely sturdy, and the patterned rubber handgrips provided a secure grip and a good feel in my hands.

With its FAST Twist-Lock technology, I easily unlocked and expanded the boom arms on both ends. This let me quickly take the boom from its collapsed, travel-friendly length of 20” to more than double the size at 44”. And all of this weighs in under 2 lbs.

If you think this is just your run-of-the-mill monopod, you would be mistaken. It’s light enough for easy gimbal movements, but stiff enough to hold a payload of 14 lbs. at max extension. Gain the ability to simply and easily obtain ground-level shots or overhead shots.

For video, go from the floor to the ceiling in one smooth motion. With one hand in the middle of the boom and one at the base, I felt in control even at full extension thanks to the boom’s grip. In a sense, GimBoom allows you to simulate certain drone shots in a matter of seconds.

The boom also has 3 thread connectors that allow attachment of GimBoom accessories, increasing the versatility of an already impressive system. One such accessory is the Gim-Pod leg set, which essentially lets you attach 2 legs to make a tripod out of the GimBoom.

It is a benefit to know you can go from boom to monopod to tripod quickly with one device, but the stability of the twist-lock Gim-Pod legs is certainly questionable when compared to the rest of the system. The legs do fold up nicely against the boom for continued portability and functionality while attached.

While GimBoom performs well with the Manfrotto MVG300XM Gimbal, you can attach almost any gimbal on the market thanks to its combination 1/4″-20 mounting stud and 3/8″-16 threaded sheath that allows either option.

Does Manfrotto think of everything? They even have a rubber cap on the bottom of the GimBoom to protect the device and floor.

The MOVE Quick-Release Catcher System

Now, this is one cool product! It’s a twist-lock collar that can quickly lock in or release a plate. With one swift motion, you are moving your camera elsewhere! Just place your 3/8″-16 threaded base mount to your camera support system of choice, including tripod base plates, sliders, and more.

The machined-aluminum quick-release plate goes on your camera, so you can just drop it into the base mount to lock it into place. It works if your base plate is sideways, upside-down … whatever. Then, simply twist the base and the quick-release plate pops out.

So, if you have base mounts on your camera supports and the quick-release plates on your gear, you can be changing out cameras and support systems in mere seconds. No more killing the flow of a shoot to change from a gimbal to a slider. No more threading and unthreading heads or plates. Transitioning is a breeze!

The lock has a nice grip and is easy to use. It’s really fun to unlock it and watch the top release plate pop out. There’s an anti-rotation set screw that helps secure a device from coming unscrewed from the plate. And, this system is a beast — supporting up to a 44 lb load!

The one potential issue you may run into is having MOVE spin during movements. For example, if you are doing a lot of panning on a tripod, and MOVE system may begin to turn with the movement despite a strong hand-tightening. It needs to be strongly secured to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Should you get the GimBoom and MOVE system?

There are a few attributes that gear needs to have for me to recommend it for everyone’s bag. These include:

  • Intuitive, easy setup
  • Durable, sturdy quality for daily professional usage
  • Portability
  • Unique or innovative benefit

This system covers all of that.

There is no question that the Manfrotto FAST GimBoom is an adjustable extension arm made especially for handheld gimbals. That being said, if you are a photographer, I think this system is a must-have. While this system meets everything needed for my recommendation, its best asset is versatility. The system gives you options and efficiencies, which is what every professional wants.

If you don’t use a gimbal, you are still getting a robust, easily adjustable monopod with tripod capabilities. And what’s to say you never will use a gimbal, as they’re popular for many types of photography? Let’s not forget how many photographers are now providing video services to expand their offerings.

If you already use a gimbal, this will allow you to get smooth motion and reach, unlike any boom/gimbal combination I’ve seen anywhere around the price point. Even if you’re just starting out, perhaps it is worth purchasing a quality system that will accommodate your needs as your business or hobby grows.

Genius system

The MOVE Quick-Release System is GENIUS. It’s so quick and effortless. Efficiency is a photographer’s best friend, and you can move from tripod to slider to boom to tripod with a simple twist. This system allows you to stay in the zone while shooting and alleviate frustrations.

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