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Neewer Introduces the Z2-C TTL Round Head Flash Speedlite for Canon Cameras

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Neewer’s latest addition to its flash lineup, the Z2-C TTL Round Head Flash Speedlite, is tailored for Canon cameras, enhancing photography with precision and versatility. The Z2-C offers an enhanced user interface and easy switching between TTL and manual modes, catering to diverse shooting requirements.

This speedlite stands out with a 76Ws maximum flash output and a stable color temperature, ensuring consistent lighting effects. It also features upgraded LED modeling lamps, providing photographers with more control over their lighting setup.

The Z2-C supports 2.4G wireless control, allowing photographers to manage multiple flash units remotely, expanding creative possibilities. Its high-capacity battery ensures an extended shooting experience with fast recycling times.

With a magnetic flash head compatible with various accessories, the Z2-C offers a range of lighting effects. This speedlite is a versatile tool for Canon photographers, from studio to outdoor environments.

For more information, visit Neewer’s product page.

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