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Nikon Issues Service Advisory to Fix Loose Strap Eyelets on the Z8

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To say that the Nikon Z8 has been warmly received by camera enthusiasts is a bit of an understatement, such has been the gushfest surrounding Nikon’s latest full-frame camera. (In his review of the Z9 on DPG, Nicolas Remy was mighty impressed, and the Z8—you may have heard—is, to all intents and purposes, a “baby Z9.”)

But, nothing is perfect in this world, and the Z8 has endured a little bad press over the last couple of months. First, it was reported that in rare cases, a lens won’t mount on the camera because it can’t be rotated into the locked position. Then, some users started complaining that the strap eyelets weren’t properly attached to the camera body, and could come loose.

Fortunately, having already tackled the curious lens issue, Nikon has now addressed the eyelets problem. In their service advisory, they are promising to repair the affected cameras for free. Nikon has created a page that allows you to check your Z8’s serial number to see if your camera is affected.

If you’re wondering whether a Z8—minus the quality control niggles—is right for you, keep an eye out for Nicolas Remy’s Z8 review, coming to DPG at the end of the month.


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