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Nikon launches repair manuals and parts portal for do-it-yourself fixes

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Screengrab: Nikon USA

Nikon USA has added a “Nikon Parts” section to its website, selling components and tools to allow at-home repairs of its products. So far the site only includes the repair manual and parts for the Nikkor Z 28-400mm F4-8 VR lens, but it seems reasonable to assume the company hasn’t got to all this effort for a single product. Two laser rangefinders for golfers are also supported.

This is a significant volte-face for the company, which previously stopped selling spare parts to independent service companies, let alone individuals. We’ve contacted Nikon USA for comment but pending that, have to wonder whether this change of heart has been prompted by European right-to-repair rules, which have recently been adopted to make it easier for consumers to repair their own devices.

Visiting the site requires you to acknowledge the following warning:

“Please note that Nikon does not provide customer support or assistance for how to repair your product.

Please also note that an incorrect repair performed by you or an unauthorized repair provider may affect your product’s limited warranty and/or cause an increase in the fee if you request service from an authorized Nikon service center.

Damages caused by repairs performed by persons other than authorized Nikon service technicians are not covered by any Nikon warranties. Such damage may cause future repairs to be subject to out-of-warranty costs or may render your product ineligible for future repairs by Nikon.

Failure to follow the repair instructions in a Nikon repair manual or use appropriate Nikon parts and tools may damage the product or affect the product’s functionality, and may also cause safety issues and could lead to personal injury, death, or property damage.

Nikon shall not be liable for any damages, injuries or other liabilities to the product, any person, or any property which occurs as a result of repair, diagnosis, maintenance, or modification performed by you or an unauthorized repair provider, including but not limited to, any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages; any loss of data, privacy, revenue, or profits; or any inability to use, or reduced functionality of, the product.”

But, before you get your hopes up about fixing your own gear on the cheap, it’s worth noting that the repair manual for the 28-400mm F4-8 VR lists six different types of lubricant as being necessary “tools” for servicing the lens. These lubricants, whose composition is not detailed, cost between $55.12 and $261.20 per bottle (size unspecified). So it still might make more sense to find a local repair house that’s already got all the necessary supplies.

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