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November’s Licensing Rush results are in…

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It’s time to announce the winners of 500px’s fourth Licensing Rush!

Those who had signed up and participated had all of November to get as many new and exclusive photos accepted to 500px Licensing as they could. The top three photographers, with the most accepted photos, received cash prizes. This Licensing Rush, all three winners broke our previous first-place record of 447 accepted photos!

Without further ado, the winners are…

In first place is ElmarWeiss—Elmar Weiss—$300 US prize.

Atlantic Puffin 3 by Elmar Weiss on

Bee-eater couple by Elmar Weiss on

Southern Masked Weaver 4 by Elmar Weiss on

Jumping lambs by Elmar Weiss on

Blue Tit 2 by Elmar Weiss on

This November, Elmar, takes the gold medal with a whopping 1,115 accepted photos! Elmar has been a long-time 500px community member and has an astounding Portfolio of nature photography, capturing different birds and landscapes and connecting to commercial themes of climate change, sustainability, nature, ecology, and wildlife.

Coming in second place is necmettinsobutay—Necmettin Sobutay—$150 US prize.

Scenic view of snow covered mountains against sky by NECMETT?N SOBUTAY on

farmland, agriculture field, countryside, Bart?n by NECMETT?N SOBUTAY on

High angle view of sea against sky by NECMETT?N SOBUTAY on

High angle view of fishermen shelters in the village by NECMETT?N SOBUTAY on

High angle view of trees by sea by NECMETT?N SOBUTAY on

Necmettin, a Turkey-based drone photographer, takes second place with an impressive 808 accepted photos. Focusing their drone on stunning landscapes and natural settings, Necmettin is able to capture a wealth of stunning landscapes and nature content, an evergreen pillar of commercial photography.

Lastly, third place goes to TeeBangkok—Anucha Muphasa—$50 US prize.

Close-up of grilled skewers quail eggs on barbecue grill at street market by Anucha Muphasa on

The black rusty pot and a trestle on a firebon by Anucha Muphasa on

Close-up of honey bee on honeycomb by Anucha Muphasa on

Portrait of Thai buffalo grazing on pasture by Anucha Muphasa on

Cat resting its owner embraced by Anucha Muphasa on

In third place with 559 accepted photos, we have Anucha—returning after taking second place in September’s Licensing Rush! Anucha’s photography captures a variety of cultural elements showing daily life in Thailand, including wildlife, nature, landscapes, pets, and mouthwatering street food.

With over 1,500 photographers competing and over 12,000 photo submissions, the competition for November’s Licensing Rush was tougher than ever, with many great photographers working incredibly hard to claim the top spots. Be sure to watch out for the next Licensing Rush announcement, and your chance to win!

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