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OWC Envoy Pro mini USB-C and USB-A SSD

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The OWC Envoy Pro is a go-to storage solution for many imaging professionals due to its speed and reliability. You can check out our review of the OWC Envoy Pro FX here.

This new model has been designed as the ultimate portable storage solution and takes the form of a humble USB key, but with a big capacity and performance upgrade. 

The small size makes it an ideal choice for photographers on the move as it plugs directly into your computer with no need for cables or power supplies. What’s more, when it comes to connectivity it features both USB Type-A and USB Type-C connectors which means that if you need to transport project files from one machine to another then there’s no need for adapters.

The OWC is also fully compatible wth the OWC MacDrive software that is available separately. This enables the seamless transfer of the drive between Mac and PC systems as well as offering plenty of additional features. 

The new OWC Envoy Pro mini is available in three capacities with a 250GB, 500GB and 1TB version available that offer transfer speeds of up to 946MB/s, that’s more than enough to keep your workflow smooth when editing video or images. 

Pricing & Availability

​The OWC Envoy Pro mini is available for pre-order in 250GB500GB, and 1TB capacities on, starting at $79.00.

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