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Pergear Trisio Lite2 VR Camera announced

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Today Pergear has announced the all-new 8K VR Trisio Lite2 camera. This camera has been designed by professionals looking for a commercial VR solution. The camera has also been priced to make it affordable and easy to use.

The Tricia Lite2 is unlike most other VR and 360º cameras in as far as it only has one lens that is used to capture the high-resolution 8k 32MP images.

The camera works to rotate through 360º to capture the full panoramic. This approach makes it incredibly easy to use and far less complex when processing the images ready for displaying online.

The Tricia Lite2 is placed on a tripod or VR stand to capture the images. Then, once connected to the app, the photographer stands behind the camera and the process starts. The rotation of the camera and the process of taking the images are all handled by the app either automatically or manually, depending on the situation.

The technique is identical to the traditional system used by photographers to create panoramic images. Still, here with the Trisio Lite2, the entire process is handled automatically, with the results showing instantly through the app.

One of the advantages of using this system is that it’s far easier to avoid getting caught in the image yourself, as you can always position yourself behind the camera.

This process and ease of use of the Pergear Trisio Lite2 make it an ideal solution for businesses. Especially Estate agents who want to capture high-quality images of the properties they are selling and for schools, education facilities, building contractors or anyone who wants to capture high-quality VR images.

The Pergear Trisio Lite2 VR camera is available now. Keep an eye on the site, and we’ll bring you a full review soon. For now, check out the full details at

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