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Pixii launches 24MP Pixii Max, its first full-frame rangefinder

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Image: Pixii

French camera maker Pixii has announced the Pixii Max, a 24MP full-frame rangefinder camera that accepts Leica M-mount lenses.

The Pixii Max (Model A3410) is the company’s fifth camera and the first to move from an APS-C sensor to full frame. Like the previous, 26MP A2572+ and A2572 models, the Max uses a fully 64-bit processing pipeline, allowing fine-precision manipulation of the sensor’s 14-bit output.

Also like its predecessors, the camera’s true rangefinder viewfinder has framelines projected into it (35mm in this instance), meaning they can correct for parallax as you focus to closer distances. The outer limits of the finder represent a 28mm angle of view. The camera’s core exposure settings are also projected into the viewfinder.

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Photo: Pixii

It also has a mono option that takes into account the relative perceptual lightness of its sensor’s Red, Green and Blue filters, to create a monochrome DNG Raw file.

The Pixii Max is available for pre-order from July 5th at a cost of €3999, without taxes (approx $4325 at current exchange rates) for the version with 32GB of internal memory or €4249 (∼$4595). As before, the company says there are options to upgrade previous models to the latest specifications. We’ve asked the company for more details of this upgrade path.

Press Release:

Pixii SAS announces Pixii Max, its first full-frame camera with a high-performance 24.5MP sensor, wide-angle optical viewfinder and a seamless upgrade option for existing Pixii owners. Available for pre-order on July 5, with a launch price of 3999 euros w/o taxes.

Pixii SAS, the rising French startup, unveils Pixii Max today, its first full-frame digital rangefinder camera.

Building on the success of its predecessors, Pixii Max marks a significant leap forward with exciting new features:

New 24.5MP full-frame sensor: The carefully selected, high-resolution 24.5MP full-frame sensor, builds on the strength of its pixel technology to deliver outstanding image quality, with exceptional dynamic range surpassing even its top-ranked predecessors. Photographers will appreciate the familiar feel of the 24×36 sensor paired with their rangefinder lenses of choice.

Wide-Angle Viewfinder: The new optical viewfinder complements the sensor capabilities, with high-index optical glass and fully multi-coated anti-reflective surfaces, to offer unmatched clarity and a wider field of view. The new design features comfortable frame lines for 35mm lenses, while offering an ultra-wide field of view, up to 28mm.

Upgrade option: Pixii Max isn’t just a new camera; it’s also another new upgrade path for existing Pixii camera owners. It packs all the power of Pixii Max into the existing compact form factor, with even a slight reduction in overall depth. The new upgrade confirms Pixii’s commitment to preserving the investment made by photographers in their cameras.

Additional Key Features of Pixii Max:

Modern 64-bit Platform, shared with the current Pixii cameras models, providing exceptional performances, connectivity and seamless over-the-air software upgrades.

Native Monochrome, Pixii’s exclusive feature to capture true B&W digital negatives with a bayer sensor. Pixii Max is also fully capable of producing native monochrome files.

Interactive Rangefinder Viewfinder, another Pixii exclusive feature providing real-time controls and indicators right inside the optical viewfinder, for a truly modern and immersive experience.

The Pixii Max joins the Pixii camera family, offering photographers a new option for rangefinder photography. Pixii remains committed to producing and developing the well-loved APS-C model, proposing two exceptional cameras to choose from for photographers with different needs.

Pricing and Availability

Pixii Max (Model A3410) will offer photographers a new entry point into the world of full-frame digital rangefinders, with special introductory prices:

  • Pixii Max (32GB): 3999 EUR w/o taxes.
  • Pixii Max (128GB): 4249 EUR w/o taxes.

Pixii Max will be available for pre-order on July 5.

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