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Question of the week: What’s a camera you used to own that you regret letting go?”

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Every week, we ask newsletter subscribers a question about gear, creativity or life. Last week we asked readers: What’s a camera you used to own that you regret letting go of, and why?

Many wrote in to share thoughtful and surprising responses. It was curious to see just how many shout-outs we saw for older film cameras.

Many regretted leaving behind high-end SLRs when they moved to digital. In hindsight it seems a new appreciation has grown for the simplicity and engineering of classic cameras.

A strong subset of responses congregated around medium-format cameras as well (you can count me among that group), which tended to deliver a slower, more deliberate process than 35mm, in part because the cameras generally weren’t designed for moving quickly.

Here are three of our favorite responses:

1.Canon F1

Canon’s first SLR designed for the professional market.

Image credit: Steve H/DPReview

Phil A: “I sold a Canon F1, some lenses and accessories to buy the first Nikon DSLR. Big mistake.”


Parinita Studio

The Nikon F3P was a modified F3 created for photojournalists. It was made to be extra durable with special seals for dust and sand resistance and removed the film door release lock, self-timer and multiple-exposure lever.

Image credit: Arne List/Wikipedia

Stephen E Lawrence: “The NIKON F3P, as it’s a working Pro camera that never failed me as a NPS member using it was easy to use, felt like a precision piece that it was and took great pictures every time.”


Parinita Studio

The Nikon F2 was the company’s last all-metal mechanically-controlled professional-level Nikon SLR.

Image credit: Photopath/Wikipedia

A DPReview reader wrote: “NIKON F2. The F2 was the best looking 35mm film camera ever made. Also loved the sound of the F2 titanium shutter. Perfect. Such a satisfying camera to use and own.”

What’s your take? Let us know in the comments.

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