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RICOH Launches GR III HDF Cameras with Innovative Highlight Diffusion Filter

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RICOH IMAGING COMPANY, LTD. has expanded its esteemed camera lineup with the introduction of the RICOH GR III HDF and RICOH GR IIIx HDF. These new additions, launched on March 28, 2024, in Tokyo, are built on the acclaimed GR III and GR IIIx models, integrating a novel Highlight Diffusion Filter (HDF) to enhance photographic creativity.

The HDF feature is designed to produce images with mellow, diffused highlights, offering photographers an additional tool for artistic expression. This built-in filter can be activated with a single action, allowing for an easy transition between the GR series’ renowned sharp focus and the softer, film-like quality of HDF images.

Both the GR III HDF and GR IIIx HDF maintain the core strengths of their base models, such as high image quality, user-friendly operation, and compact design, while introducing the HDF for a new dimension of visual storytelling. Additionally, these models come with upgraded autofocus and white balance settings, providing more control and customization for photographers.

These cameras represent RICOH’s commitment to innovation and versatility in photography, catering to both enthusiasts and professionals seeking to expand their visual repertoire.

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For more details on the RICOH GR III HDF and RICOH GR IIIx HDF check out the Ricoh website

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