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Ringside Photographer Saves Boxer from Fall After Brutal Knockout

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A ringside photographer saved a boxer from a serious injury after he was sent crashing through the ropes and out of the ring following a brutal knockout.

The incident happened during John ‘Scrappy’ Ramirez and Jan Salvatierra’s super flyweight bout in California’s Toyota Arena, at a Golden Boy Promotions boxing show broadcast on DAZN on Saturday, May 14.

Undefeated Ramirez landed a knockout punch against Salvatierra that sent him flying through the ropes in the final minute of the opening round of the fight.

Luckily, a quick-thinking photographer reacted and caught the back of Salvatierra’s head, preventing the boxer from hitting the hard floor as he crashed backward out of the ring.

As seen in video footage of the incident, the heroic photographer stops shooting the action and is seen rescuing the fighter from cracking his head against the floor by cradling his neck.

Despite the nasty fall, the referee begins to count out Salvatierra and the unidentified photographer helps to roll the Mexican fighter back into the ring before the count was over. When he arrives, the referee Ivan Guillermo takes one look at Salvatierra, who appears concussed, and calls time on the match.

Ramirez was awarded the win, but things could have been much worse for Salvatierra had the ringside photographer not caught the fighter.

Ramirez was fighting on Saturday to keep his undefeated streak. He has recorded nine victories (eight knockouts) since making his professional bow. The hit on Salvatierra is now being considered by many as the “knockout of the year.”

Boxing fans took to Twitter to praise the photographer for saving the boxer after one of the most epic knockouts of 2022 so far.

“Shout out to that cameraman outside of the ring for catching him and holding his neck to keep him from falling on his head. Wow,” one spectator (@xWroth) wrote.

“Great reflexes from the photographer. Less so from the fighter…” another viewer commented

This is not the first case involving a photographer coming to the rescue on the job. Last year, drone photographer Matt Woods was hailed as a hero for spotting and saving a man being attacked by a shark on Bondi Beach

In 2017, photojournalist Austin Raishbrook pulled a man out of his burning SUV, ultimately saving his life.

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