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RØDE Expands Wireless ME Line with Dual Transmitter Set

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RØDE, has announced the launch of the dual transmitter version of the Wireless ME, marking a significant advancement in wireless microphones for content creators. This release follows the market leading RØDE’s Wireless GO system, the original ultra-compact wireless mic, and subsequent innovations like the Wireless GO II, Wireless PRO, and the 2023 Wireless ME.

The new dual set of the Wireless ME, available in both classic black and sleek white, includes two transmitters and one receiver, enhancing the flexibility and scope of audio capture for videographers and content creators. This limited-edition set aligns with RØDE’s history of pioneering in the wireless microphone category, offering an ultimate grab-and-go solution for diverse recording needs.

At its core, the Wireless ME boasts the same revered sound quality and innovative features characteristic of RØDE’s wireless microphone range. It incorporates state-of-the-art Series IV 2.4GHz digital transmission, ensuring universal compatibility with cameras, smartphones, and computers. One of its standout features is RØDE’s exclusive GainAssist technology, employing intelligent algorithms for automatic audio level control, thereby ensuring pristine sound quality across various recording situations without the need for manual adjustments.

Unique to the Wireless ME is a built-in microphone in the receiver, allowing simultaneous audio recording from both the front and back of the camera. This feature is particularly advantageous for capturing interviews or voiceovers, offering a straightforward, high-quality wireless audio solution for creators.

The addition of a dual transmitter setup in the Wireless ME range opens up new possibilities for content creators. It allows for seamless recording from two subjects at once or even three if the in-built receiver microphone is activated. The introduction of a white colour option caters to creators seeking a more discreet microphone, especially useful in scenarios involving light-coloured clothing, such as weddings or corporate events. This release is part of RØDE’s continued commitment to providing optimal audio solutions for all types of creators, as seen in their recent limited-edition white collection, which included products like the RØDECaster Duo and NTH-100.

Priced at US $199, the dual Wireless ME is set to be available in Spring 2024, offering an accessible, high-quality audio solution for a wide range of content creators. For more information on the Wireless ME and other RØDE products, visit RØDE’s official website. Details on the global release have yet to be announced.

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