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Samsung launches Pro Endurance microSD cards with 16-year lifespan

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Samsung has announced a new range of its Pro Endurance microSD cards that can be continuously written for up to 16 years.

Whereas most memory cards are focused on the speed of data transfer, Samsung’s new Pro Endurance microSD cards are designed for durability and reliability.

The Pro Endurance cards come in capacities starting at 32GB on up to 256GB, and the lifespan of the cards effectively halve as the capacity is cut in half. For example, the 256GB Pro Endurance card should last 16 years and the 128GB card eight years, and so on.

As they are built for durability, the Pro Endurance cards are also resistant to water, magnets, X-rays and extreme temperatures.

In terms of speed, the Pro Endurance microSD cards deliver write speeds of up to 40MB/s, and they come with a Class 10 rating and V30 specification.

The Samsung Pro Endurance price tag starts at $10.99 for the 32GB option on up to $54.99 for the 256GB card. You can buy the Pro Endurance microSD cards on Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Via DPReview, XDA Developers

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