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Save 50% on ZHIYUN Black Friday Sale!

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Get huge discounts on video gear from ZHIYUN for Black Friday 2023!

Most of ZHIYUN’s professional camera and smartphone stabilization systems, gimbals, portable lighting, and professional-grade video creation accessories can be purchased at lower prices for a limited period. The offer is ongoing and continuing through Black Friday 2023. Popular products with big price reductions include SMOOTH 5S smartphone gimbals, WEEBILL 3S camera gimbals, and MOLUS X100 and G200 portable scene lighting. The largest discounts, of almost 30%, are available on selected products, including FIVERAY F100 lighting equipment and the WEEBILL S camera gimbal Combo.

Take note that these special Black Friday price reductions are offered for almost every popular ZHIYUN product. However, they will only be available for a limited period.

These exclusive prices will only be available from November 15 to December 31, 2023, through the ZHIYUN Store and on the ZHIYUN Amazon brand page.


This 3-axis professional smartphone gimbal gives content creators everything they need to realize their creative filmmaking ideas, all in one portable package. The SMOOTH 5S has superior image stabilization and support for large smartphones. To make single operator usage easy, a high-performance fill-light is built in, as well as two modular magnetic lights. ZHIYUN’s SMOOTH 5S provides an integrated, professional, and easy-to-use filmmaking experience for everyone.

The SMOOTH 5S is now available in the US for USD$149 (12% off), while the SMOOTH 5S Combo option with accessories is now only USD$189 (14% off).

Discover the ZHIYUN Smooth 5S


The WEEBILL 3S Camera Gimbal offers powerful performance, and compatibility with most DSLR and mirrorless cameras on the market, as well as mainstream lenses, to unleash the full potential of any user’s favorite camera. The tenth generation control algorithms feature customizable following and smooth curves based on common shooting scenarios and operating styles, providing a seamless shooting experience every step of the way. WEEBILL 3S ensures unbeatable stability and silky-smooth camera movement.

The WEEBILL 3S, including gimbal and tripod, is now available in the US for USD$299 (a $20 price cut). The WEEBILL 3S COMBO option with ZHIYUN accessories (gimbal, tripod, backpack, sling grip, and wrist rest) is reduced to only USD$415 (a $24 saving).

Learn more about ZHIYUN’s WEEBILL 3S


ZHIYUN’s recently-released CRANE 4 camera gimbal is remarkably lightweight, enabling operators to work longer without fatigue, even one-handed. The CRANE 4’s novel, adjustable sling grip, combined with the comfortable ergonomic wrist rest, supports fine angle adjustments for precise movement control. This gimbal makes it almost effortless to lift and move heavier full-frame DSLR and compact cinema cameras, while maintaining balance, safety, and steady shooting.

Outstanding CRANE 4 features include indicator lights on each motor for clear notification of balance calibration status, and Bluetooth provides direct shutter control to supporting cameras, avoiding cable hassles and tangles. Operators can easily start and stop recording, and trigger photo capture, remotely. The CRANE 4 has been carefully developed to unlock the ambitions of global filmmakers and content creators.

The CRANE 4 Camera Gimbal is now available in the US for USD$599, a saving of $70 on the standard price, while the CRANE 4 Combo, including accessories, is reduced to just USD$669 (a $80 price reduction).

Learn more about the ZHIYUN CRANE 4 Camera Gimbal


For those who need the ultimate in portable scene lighting, on demand, the MOLUS X100 series rivals the power of heavier cinematic lights – but without the weight. The MOLUS X100 illuminates the scene with 100W of lighting power but weighs only 385g. It provides easy wide range adjustment of color temperature brightness, as well as quick, simple set-up, and stable output with no flickering.

Adopting and enhancing the outstanding features of the MOLUS X100, the stylish ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 is an even brighter palm-sized 200W COB (Chip-on-board) light source. It’s perfect for live streaming, interviews, portrait photography, and commercial ad shoots where strong, controllable illumination is a must.

The ZHIYUN MOLUS series provides outstanding illumination in a lightweight package with an impressive color rendering range and fine control of light output.

A big 20% Black Friday price reduction brings the Molus X100 down to only $199. The MOLUS X100 Combo and MOLUS X100 Pro, which include some great accessories, are reduced to $299 and $349 respectively, a price cut of approximately 14%. The top of the range MOLUS G200 is also 11% cheaper, at $339, during this special limited offer period.

Learn more about MOLUS X100 lighting products 

Learn more about MOLUS G200 lighting products

Explore Exclusive Savings with ZHIYUN’s Full Black Friday 2023 Discount on the ZHIYUN Amazon Black Friday Page.

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