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Shooting Gorgeous Golden Hour Portraits at the Beach (VIDEO)

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Portrait and beauty photographer Irene Rudnyk is one of the queens of the beach photo shoots on YouTube. A few months ago, we shared an awesome behind-the-scenes (BTS) video of Rudnyk’s tips for capturing backlit photos of a swimsuit model at the beach. Now she’s back with another great beach photography tutorial and BTS video on how to shoot gorgeous golden hour portraits.

In the clip below, Rudnyk teams up with photographers Geo Leon and Chris Hernandez to photograph model Trinity Woodward at White Point Beach in Long Beach, Los Angeles.

“We waited till the sun got pretty low, probably about an hour before sunset to get this beautiful and very golden hour,” Rudnyk explains. “For the outfit we went with a satin white night dress and a top with big flowy sleeves. It was quite windy so I knew that the sleeves will look very cool and since the material is see-through, the backlight will make it look very dreamy.”

While the location for the shoot is beautiful, it’s tricky because the photographers have to balance on rocks and try not to fall into the cold water.

“The way I’m positioning here, I have the light hitting the water behind Trinity and then it’s giving me that backlit [effect] and also the bokeh is really beautiful,” Rudnyk notes. “And then we have all the rocks around here so it looks really cool.”

Check it all about below which includes the BTS video and the portrait results of the photo shoot of Trinity, both straight out of the camera and after editing.

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