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The 500px Global Photography Awards 2022 Winners Are…

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The 500px Global Photography Awards winners have been selected and we can’t wait to share the deserving winners of the 2022 edition with you. This initiative was created to recognize and highlight the exceptional talent within the community, with the bonus of walking away with prizes that can help you develop your passion for photography.

In December, we launched our second edition of the awards and increased our categories for our community to have even more chances to win. Today we will be announcing all 6 winners and 5 runners-up for each category.

The diverse categories aimed to give all photographers, hobbyists, and pros alike a chance to submit their work for consideration.


  • Technical
  • Story-telling
  • Commercial content
  • Documentary
  • Fine Art
  • Landscape




A note from the 500px Editors’ on the winning image:

A monochromatic moment, a mastery of soft light and intentional shadows, and a high-quality capture that doesn’t sacrifice any of the image’s details. These are a few ways to describe the photographer Mary Bel’s winning image “Remember Who You Are”.

Despite working with solely brown tones there is a contrast between all the essential elements of the shot, the dark brown skin popping out against the lighter background with the organic line of the model’s neck directing your attention and the highlight on the face making it the focal point. A technical mastery of the fundamentals of photography, lighting, and lines while also being emotive and knowing how to capture expression.


Delisious raisins muffins in levitaion with chocolate and berries by Hanna Hafarava on

Hanna Hafarava

Polignano by szanini on

Sara Zanini

Rana verde Costa Rica by Jesús FCS on

Jesús FCS

Japanese Macaque (Macaca fuscata) by Ond?ej Chvátal on

Ondej Chvátal

Creating Adam And Eve by Kevin Wood on


A note from the 500px Editors’ on the winning image:

A strong narrative image tells a story while also making the viewer want to know more. In “Creating Adam and Eve” by Kevin Wood, expectations of the classic origin story are flipped on their head. The shot in its simplicity shows unity, humanity and the connection of man and woman, letting the sky highlight the profiles of the couple while ensuring they remain in focus. The male’s eyes are contemplative and the postures of both models shows connection but also a yearning, creating a curiosity for what is to come for the audience.


Scream by sebastien sommier on

Sebastien Sommier

DSC_0198gi by leo high on

Leo High

HOUSE by Reiko Wakai on

Reiko Wakai

. by Nika Pailodze on

Nika Pailodze

*** by Pavel Burochkin on

Pavel Burochkin


Sweets sweets sweets by Galigrafiya on


A note from the 500px Editors’ on the winning image:

Commercial content more than any other genre has strict requirements to serve the purpose of marketing an experience or product. Simple is often best, but simple doesn’t mean easy. Often distilling an image down to only one subject and color leaves room for a lot more error with no other distractions. However, Halyna Vitiuk works with one color and duplicates of the same product and makes it interesting and eye-catching. From the styling to the technical precision used behind the lens, we’re sold on the sweets.


Ketch Shoes SS22 by Gustavo Chams on

Gustavo Chams

Food at the pool by Tencho Tenev on

Tencho Tenev

Cool and stylish senior old woman with fashionable clothes by Fabio Formaggio on

Fabio Formaggio

Hungry dog holding bowl and waiting for feeding by Jaromír Chalabala on

Jaromír Chalabala

IMGL5617_2 by Stephen Leonardi on

Stephen Leonardi

Growing Through the Cracks by Photo Caleb on


A note from the 500px Editors’ on the winning image:

A style of photography that should provide an honest and accurate representation of people and places. Caleb with his image creates a striking scene that shows the landscape of Ghana and the brotherhood between the men. Their stares are directly aimed at the photographer yet don’t feel posed, a new perspective of a place is delivered with beautiful colors and tones and emotions all intermingling.


Railway Station n° 0687 by Roberto Di Patrizi on

Roberto Di Patrizi

in the beach (analog shot) by Carlotta Ricci on

Carlotta Ricci

Sunday afternoon by Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa on

Eduardo Teixeira de Sousa

Praying at Kamakura by Marco Tagliarino on

Marco Tagliarino

Kids buying Donuts by Zorica Nikov on

Zorica Nikov

Keeping The Distance by Elena Paraskeva Studio on


A note from the 500px Editors’ on the winning image:

Fine art photography isn’t only created by a camera, it’s created by an artist. Driven by a conceptual idea and framework, fine art doesn’t mirror reality but it can make you question it. Elena in “Keeping the Distance” creates a visual art piece that plays on the idea of privacy, and one’s personal space in public spaces. Using color, poses and accessories intentionally to convey this concept.

Mirage by Thomas Wohl on

Thomas Wohl

Alarm Call by Elisa Miller on

Elisa Miller

project CURVES by Michal Zahornacky on

Michal Zahornacky

What Lies Beneath by Aaron Ricketts on

Aaron Ricketts

Embracing the nature by Roman Olinchuk on

Roman Olinchuk

Selfie on the Ridge by Karol Nienartowicz on

FIRST PLACE WINNER: Karol Nienartowicz

A note from the 500px Editors’ on the winning image:

Capturing the peaks, ridges and textures with such aptitude Karol delivers an image that reminds us of the majesty and vastness of the world. The Maly Koscielec Ridge  in the High Tatras of Poland is a steep peak that the photographer utilizes strategically, with the light reflecting off the base of the peak and shadows creating contrast in the valley and the finishing touch of a delightful bit of perspective with the hiker situated right on the top of the peak surrounded by stars. The image teleports the viewer and fills them with awe.


Lava for breakfast. by Musti esen on

Musti esen

Beautiful aurora borealis over spirit island with female traveler on canoe at Jasper national park by Thanayu Jongwattanasilkul on

Thanayu Jongwattanasilkul

Vestrahorn by Jacek Swiercz on

Jacek Swiercz

entry N6 by leonardo gazzea on

Leonardo Gazzea

Follow Your Dreams by Massimiliano Coniglio on

Massimiliano Coniglio

Thanks again to all the photographers who submitted their work and congrats to this year’s winners!

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