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The state of event photography with Steve Brazill

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Welcome to Mind Your Own Business, the podcast that helps photographers improve their business and their lives!

This month we chat with experienced event photographer Steve Brazill. In our detailed conversation, Steve discusses how he sharpened his skills during the pandemic, what his business looks like now that events are opening back up, the new excitement he’s noticing among his fellow event photographers and the state of the event photography industry today.

Steve Brazill is a Southern California based music photographer, and the host of the Behind the Shot podcast. Music has been a special force in his life for as long as he can remember, and as a radio personality, emcee, and voice actor. He has been around the music and entertainment industry for many years. He’s on the air at KCAL FM, and he handles their concert photographer. He is also one of the house photographers for Toyota Arena.

You can check out portfolio his website here. You can also find him on Twitter and Youtube.

About your hosts

Skip Cohen is president and founder of, founder of Marketing Essentials International and past president of Rangefinder Publishing and WPPI. He’s been an active participant in the professional side of photography since joining Hasselblad USA in 1987 as president.  He has co-authored six books on photography and actively supports dozens of projects each year involving photographic education.

Chamira Young loves helping fellow photographers improve their businesses via the Pro Photographer Journey Podcast. You can also find her photography portfolio at and her art at She will readily admit it: She’s an art nerd and photographer with an obsession for creativity and productivity!

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