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TURTLE 2 SMART TTL Triggers Offer High-Speed Sync with Backscatter Mini Flash 2

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i-TURTLE 2 SMART TTL trigger for Nikon systems


A few years ago, TRT-Electronics introduced an updated family of TTL triggers that could be programmed (via a USB connection to your PC) to trigger various strobe models both electrically and optically and in TTL or manual mode. The LED triggers could be used in high-speed sync (HSS) mode with the only strobe capable of HSS at the time, the Retra PRO (now updated as the Retra Pro X).

Now, TRT-Electronics has announced that the latest versions of its TTL triggers—the i-TURTLE 2 SMART TTL trigger for Nikon systems and the s-TURTLE 2 SMART TTL trigger for Sony systems—are compatible with the new HSS-capable Backscatter Mini Flash 2 (MF-2). The fast shutter speeds made possible by HSS allow you to use more open apertures—for creative bokeh effects—while maintaining dark backgrounds. In its blog post (see below), TRT-Electronics also says there are plans to upgrade its software to allow the original SMART triggers to use the MF-2 in HSS mode as well.

Available from retailers such as Backscatter, the i-TURTLE 2 SMART (Nikon) and s-TURTLE 2 SMART (Sony) are priced at $325.


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s-TURTLE 2 SMART TTL trigger for Sony systems


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High-Speed Sync with Backscatter MF-2!

A new strobe that has this feature and now you can control it with your TURTLE trigger.

‘And what about the High-Speed Sync?…’

This is a common question among underwater photographers. who use different underwater strobes and of course different triggers. It’s important to know which setup is capable of this feature.

Until now there was only one strobe that worked in High-Speed Sync (HSS) in Manual mode. That was the Retra Pro and we offer triggers for a while which have an HSS feature: the TURTLEs for Nikon, Sony, Olympus, and Canon are all capable of that.

We know well the Backscatter Mini Flash 1 (MF-1) which is our favorite strobe for underwater macro photography with its optical snoot. It’s small, easy to use, and of course, our triggers work with it in Manual mode.


Parinita StudioParinita Studio

The only feature we missed in the MF-1 is the High-Speed Sync.  

But recently the manufacturer, Backscatter announced the new MF-2 version of this popular macro flash that has this feature.

We felt we needed to get one as soon as possible. We recently tested the MF-2 with the new s-TURTLE 2 SMART and the i-TURTLE 2 SMART versions and the Backscatter MF will be added to the software soon, and you can control it with your TURTLE trigger.

Certainly, we will upgrade all the Smart software, so all customers who have the original SMART trigger can use this strobe.


Parinita StudioParinita Studio

We would like to share some shots we took during the test. We made the test with a Sony A7IV camera and an s-TURTLE 2 SMART trigger, in Manual (WL mode ON in camera menu) mode.


Parinita StudioParinita Studio

Settings: ISO 400, F2.8, 1/8000. These are the live view displays, and below you can see the photo we took with this setup and settings, using the Backscatter MF-2 with snoot!


Parinita Studio

You can find the new TURTLE products soon in our webshop or contact your dealer!

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