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Unveiling the next chapter: A fresh look at 500px

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Exciting times are upon us as 500px introduces a new update, marking the debut of a fresh look and feel—a V1 of our evolving platform, if you will. This sleeker, smarter, and more tailored experience is crafted with you in mind, aiming to enhance your photography journey.

Embarking on this journey, we want to be transparent with you. Consider this a public beta of sorts; we’re aware that there may be kinks that need polishing. Rest assured, we’re committed to a process of continuous improvement, iterating quickly to refine your experience.

In this new phase, we’re experimenting with the latest technology, staying current to provide you with innovative features. Your insights matter to us, and we welcome your feedback as we navigate this evolution together.

So, without further ado, let’s explore the changes, knowing that this is just the beginning of an exciting chapter for 500px.

‘For You’ feed

The new For You feed taps into the magic of AI, understanding your likes, views, searches, and more. It’s not just about what you’ve liked before; it’s about broadening your horizons. We’re keeping up with the times to ensure you find the most interesting and inspiring content, tailored to your interests, effortlessly. Your feed gets refreshed every day, so you get a curated selection, just for you, without feeling overwhelmed. It’s all about tailoring your experience to give you content we think you’ll enjoy without the endless scrolling.

And guess what? Choices are on the menu! Opt for “Daily Dose” to mix it up with Mood Galleries, other photographers’ Galleries, and activities from those you follow. The photos in the For You feed are mainly from photographers you’re not following yet, but whose content we think you’ll love. If you’re here for the photos only, we’ve got you covered with the “Photos Only” option for an exclusive focus on amazing photography.

‘Following’ feed

Ah, the reliable classic. The Following feed does exactly what it says on the label. It’s your go-to for staying in the loop with the latest photos from the photographers you follow.

‘Explore’ feed

Explore Feed

Say hello to the revamped Explore feed, offering curated categories like the classics Popular, Fresh, and Editors Choice, along with exciting new additions, Featured Galleries, Mood Galleries, Photo Stories, and Featured Photographers. We’re making it easier for you to discover incredible content. Let’s break down some of the new additions you’ll see in your Explore Feed:

Mood Galleries
Presenting Mood Galleries, a creative blend of AI and curated content. Think of it as your mood-based playlist for photography. It opens new avenues for content discovery, enriching and enhancing your exploration experience.

Photo Stories

Photo Stories

Introducing Photo Stories, a fresh approach to sharing captivating visual narratives through a series of photos. We’ve been brewing this idea for a while, and we believe it’s set to elevate how you connect with your audience. Create and share your own Photo Stories or explore and discover them from others. And who knows—your Story might just get featured on the Explore feed!

Featured Photographers
Eager to follow and draw inspiration from more photographers? The Featured Photographers section is your go-to destination. Here, you’ll discover photographers handpicked by 500px Editors, individuals we believe you should definitely follow. The featured photographers showcase a diverse range of styles and categories.

AI search

AI Search

Effortless Discovery Unleashed
Discovering the perfect image is now effortless with our upgraded AI search, empowered by advanced natural language processing. This exciting feature streamlines the search process, ensuring accurate and efficient results for the visual gems you seek.

To maximize its potential, describe what you’re looking for, just like chatting with a friend. For example, search for “friends on a scenic fall hike with their dog.” Our smart search comprehends and delivers the exact photos you need. Immerse yourself in simplified exploration with enhanced search capabilities.

New photo details page

Photo Detail Page

Experience a refreshed photo details page, with streamlined functions and essential information brought to the forefront, minimizing scrolling. Discover even more amazing content with the addition of ‘similar photos.’ The updated page offers a better-looking, easier-to-use experience tailored to meet your needs.

Here’s to the beginning of something incredible! This upgrade is just the start. Get ready for a wave of new features as we strive to make 500px the go-to hub for photographers worldwide. Your creativity fuels our passion—let’s continue to build the #1 global photography community together!

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