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Verizon Now Offers Unlimited Photo Cloud Storage for $14 a Month

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Verizon has reconfigured its cloud storage plan options and, surprisingly, has made its truly unlimited storage plan even more appealing.

While not necessarily one of the first brands that comes to mind when talking about cloud storage, Verizon has been offering it for a while and began to aggressively position it as a viable Google Photos replacement for photographers in 2020.

In typical cell service provider fashion, Verizon has not kept its plans consistent in the time since then but its most recent change is actually a welcome one. Verizon wireless subscribers — that’s the only catch, by the way: access is limited to wireless subscribers — can add truly unlimited cloud storage to their plans for $14 per month.

As noted by The Verge, there are some minor caveats with this offer but they aren’t egregious — especially for photographers. Verizon limits individual file sizes to 10GB and users are only allowed to upload 50GB per day. That first exception means the platform might not be the best option for filmmakers, since video clips can easily jump past 10GB in the age of 4K and 8K. That second note also means it’s not feasible to use the Verizon cloud service as a way to fully back up an entire collection of photos and videos right away.

That last note is probably fine, since what Verizon is offering here isn’t on par with operations like Backblaze. Rather than acting as a wholesale off-site backup of every file a photographer has, Verizon’s platform is more akin to how many use Dropbox, Box, or Google One. But, unlike those platforms, there is no limit on how much someone can store in Verizon’s cloud. The Verge points out that Dropbox just got rid of its unlimited plan for business customers and Google One caps out at 2TB.

Verizon’s Cloud is also, still, a viable alternative to Google Photos.

It’s worth bearing in mind that these “unlimited” plans never promise to stick around forever. Verizon is a cell service provider, too and those plans seem to change constantly — that’s before looping back to the reminder that Verizon has adjusted its pricing and options for its cloud storage between 2020 and now at least once.

verizon cloud storage prices

For now though, it’s probably the best (and one of the only) options for unlimited cloud storage. The new plans include the aforementioned unlimited for individual users at $14 per month, unlimited storage for a group of up to five people for $20 per month, and individual use up to 600GB for $6 per month.

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