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Video: Installing Ikelite Strobes on a Nauticam Housing via a TTL Bulkhead

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If you’re looking to get a good strobe (or preferably two), you may be considering Ikelite’s range, which offer an attractive quality of light, wide and even coverage, and what many consider to be the industry-standard TTL implementation—with the TTL converter located outside the housing to allow on-the-fly switching between TTL and manual modes.

Ikelite’s strobes, including the DS51 II, DS160 II, DS162, and DS230, are triggered electrically via sync cords, rather than fiber-optics, so all you’ll need is a single appropriate TTL bulkhead. While an Ikelite housing is installation ready, if you have a housing by another manufacturer, you’ll have to install an Ikelite bulkhead first. That may seem daunting, but it’s actually rather straightforward, as Ikelite’s new tutorial video demonstrates.

In the video, product development head John Brigham shows how to install Ikelite’s M14 bulkhead on a Nauticam D850 housing, attach Ikelite’s TTL hotshoe, and add the Ikelite DL1 DS Link Nikon TTL converter plus a couple of strobes. Ikelite also sells an M16 bulkhead if your housing has a spare port with M16 threads instead, and whether your housing is made by Aquatica, Isotta, Nauticam, Sea&Sea, Subal, or someone else, the installation procedure will be much the same.

Watch the video below, and check out the accompanying article, which has all the relevant product links.



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