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Vosentech Unveils the MicroFogger 5 Pro

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The MicroFogger 5 Pro is Vosentech’s latest miniature smoke machine. Focused on the needs of photographers, videographers, and special effects enthusiasts, this compact device brings together power, convenience, and versatility in a way that sets it apart from its larger competitors.

Central to the MicroFogger 5 Pro’s appeal is its user-friendly design. The device features a rechargeable and replaceable battery, which means that you can take this anywhere, and there’s no worry about cables or requiring mains power. This is further complemented by its instant smoke production technology, which does away with the waiting times typically associated with smoke machines; for example, the small unit I presently use takes a good five minutes to activate.

The MicroFogger 5 Pro is versatile due to its small size, which makes it easy to integrate into props, displays, or special effects sets; the device’s large onboard screen and programmable timers allow for autonomous operation, granting users the freedom to be creative as they wish, with precision control over the effects produced.

Reliability is another cornerstone of the MicroFogger 5 Pro. The device boasts a leak-proof fluid tank, ensuring hours of uninterrupted usage. This, coupled with a robust design, allows Vosentech to offer a reassuring 2-year warranty.

The device’s ecosystem compatibility is worth noting, too. It works with a range of existing accessories, from airflow testing rakes to liquid fog attachments, opening up a diverse range of applications.

When it comes to power, the new high-power battery design supports all-day usage with minimal downtime and can be charged externally or within the device using a USB-C cable.

Wireless control is another feature that sets the MicroFogger 5 Pro apart. The included keyfob remote allows users to manage multiple units at varying power levels or in up to 4 separate groups.

The device is also packed with smart features. It stands out as the only smoke machine equipped with automatic timers, loops, and delays, all customizable via its onboard screen. Its comprehensive safety features include temperature, leak, and current sensors, ensuring it’s not just the most versatile but also the safest smoke machine on the market.

In terms of applications, the MicroFogger 5 Pro is incredibly versatile. It’s ideal for creating a hazy atmosphere on set, enhancing lighting effects, producing strong bursts of smoke for special effects, and even generating smoke bubbles underwater – a feature that opens up new creative avenues in photography and videography.

The technical specifications of the MicroFogger 5 Pro are equally impressive. Weighing just 475 grams and measuring 11.5 × 5.5 × 3.5 cm, it’s incredibly compact. Its battery life varies based on power usage, offering 14 minutes at full power, 30 minutes at medium, and over an hour at low settings. The fog liquid tank capacity allows for 7 minutes of production at full power. The device offers 64 power levels for smoke speed and density, features a USB Type C charging port, uses food-grade, water-soluble glycerin for fog liquid, and has a noise level of 40 to 60 dB. The remote control range is 30 meters, and the battery is a replaceable, rechargeable lithium cell. The smoke power peaks at 500 CFM.

In terms of safety and usage, the MicroFogger 5 Pro is designed with the utmost care. While the fog produced is non-toxic, it is advised not to inhale it directly. The device is capable of triggering ionization and photoelectric smoke alarms but not heat-activated alarms or sprinklers. It operates safely under various conditions and includes a temperature readout for added convenience.

The MicroFogger 5 Pro from Vosentech is a significant innovation in the field of miniature smoke machines. It perfectly balances power, versatility, and ease of use, making it an attractive option for a wide array of creative applications. Whether you’re a photographer, a videographer, or a special effects professional, the MicroFogger 5 Pro could be a valuable addition to your toolkit.

Available for purchase directly from Vosentech, it represents a solid investment in enhancing the creative potential of your work. For more information and to purchase the MicroFogger 5 Pro, visit Vosentech’s official website.

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