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Vwfndr Keirin Is a Beautiful Panoramic Digital Camera Coming This Year

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“Reductionist” design studio Nuevo.Tokyo has collaborated with designer Mireia Gordi Vila to create a digital camera for panoramic photography.

In a post on Threads, Nuevo.Tokyo shows the Vwfndr Keirin camera concept, writing, “We designed a camera in 2023 and we are making it in 2024.”

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The project shows a minimalist camera body with an expansion bay, a panoramic curved rear display, touch controls, a built-in lens, and a striking yellow shutter release. A small touchscreen provides access to vital exposure and camera settings, like exposure compensation, white balance, and more.

The project has been in the works for months, with an initial post on Substack dating back to June 6, 2023. While the process of designing, refining, producing, and releasing a camera is a massive undertaking, the team recently reached the working prototype stage and intends to show the camera off for real in Tokyo in April.

Vwfndr Keirin

The next update, scheduled for this month, will include hardware and software development details. However, the team has already revealed some key specs, including that the camera will sport a 35mm lens and a 60-megapixel image sensor. Per an earlier substack post, the sensor is a full-frame 3:2 sensor, and the different panoramic formats will be digital crops, including 21:9, 6:3, and 6:2 aspect ratios.

Image credits: Nuevo.Tokyo and Mireia Studio

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