What’s your dream camera? That camera with the right mix of form, function and fun.

Around the DPReview offices we’ve been thinking about digital photography history and looking back at the most significant cameras of the past 25(ish) years.

We wanted to give you the chance to also share your stories of the cameras that grabbed your attention over the past 25 years. What were the real cameras you always wanted, that you had unrequited dreams of owning, or maybe dreamed of and then actually bought? What was it about your dream camera that caught your imagination? And if you bought it, did the camera live up to your expectations?

Let us know in the comments: share your story, tell us why you picked the camera you picked and what it means/meant to you. We’ll pick some of our favorites responses to highlight in an upcoming article on DPReview.

And please, resist the urge if you can to just pick the newest, most advanced or most expensive camera. Instead, consider which camera had that right mix of usability, quality and fun that appealed to you personally. Or, if you do pick a super-flagship model, explain what about it had a specific use or appeal to you. The intent is to name the camera that meant the most to you or the one you always wish you could have had.

So, what’s your dream camera?