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Why Photographers Should Care About Gear

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A lot of photographers fall into one of two camps: those who could not care less about gear or those who chase every new piece of kit. So, does gear actually matter? This fantastic video essay discusses why photographers actually should care about gear and how it can help them be better.

Coming to you from Daniel Norton Photographer, this excellent video essay discusses why photographers should and often do care about equipment. This issue often gets overly simplified and compartmentalized into two extremes: those who chase every new piece of gear and those who think that a good photographer should be able to make compelling images on any equipment. There is some valuable wisdom in the latter sentiment, namely that spending money should not be a way to avoid developing solid technique and a creative voice, but it should not be taken so literally that we never invest in worthwhile equipment that is well suited to our respective specialties. A professional invests carefully in the gear that will help them produce the best results in as efficient a manner as possible; after all, it really is true that time is money, particularly when you run your own business. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Norton. 

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